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Introduction to
UE C++ tools programming course

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001 GeoTech

Introduction to Unreal Engine Customizations and Tools Development

002 GeoTech

Introduction to Unreal Engine Slate API

003 GeoTech

UnrealEngine Assets API

004 GeoTech

UnrealEngine DetailsCustomization API

005 GeoTech

Multithreaded programming in UnrealEngine

006 GeoTech

UnrealEngine Sockets API

007 GeoTech

UnrealEngine RHI API

008 GeoTech

UnrealEngine Sound System

009 GeoTech

UnrealEngine Serialization API

010 GeoTech

Unreal Engine Input System

011 GeoTech

Advanced Slate API

012 GeoTech

Unreal for Virtual Production

Courses Structure

Each course includes the following contents
Video lessons
Live lessons
(2 hours each)
hands-on example


Roberto De Ioris
Unreal Authorised Instructor
  • 5 years teaching experience
  • the program course director for a game development academy and retroprogramming
  • the author of the ‘necroassembler’ suite for old console development

Roberto has been extremely passionate about programming since he was a kid. He started his professional career in 2002 as a network engineer/system administrator in an ISP working on UNIX systems. He has been a member of open-source community since 2004 developing and maintaining dozens of projects, with the most notable being the uWSGI application server. Roberto is keen in game programming, especially graphics and audio programming. Starting from 2014 he developed various plugins from UnrealEngine 4 (UnrealEnginePython, LuaMachine, glTFRuntime, UnrealUtilityAI, and more).

Adrian Popoviciu
Unreal Authorised Instructor

Adrian had his first contact with a computer at 2 first old and has been programming in C++ since he was 12 years old. He started his professional career in 2018 during the last year of high school trough freelancing and as Junior Software Engineer after graduation. Adrian was mostly interested into video games but during his career, he expanded his horizons to virtual production and real time engineering simulations. He likes teaching and wants to pass his experience and knowledge to future generations.

Chris Ringenberg
Unreal Engine tool and game developer

Chris has been an Unreal Engine tool and game developer since 2016. It all started when he was 11 and acquired a Python programming book. Ever since then he’s been fascinated by computers and it was this fascination that drove him into the world of computer science. Since then, he has worked on multiple game projects built with Unreal as well as developed several tools that have been added to the Unreal Engine 5. In addition to working professionally with Unreal Engine 5, he also loves to teach game development with the engine. He is an active guest speaker at the Unreal Atlanta meetup group and has given several talks about various aspects of game development.


  • Basic understanding of C++ programming.
  • 6 GB or higher VRAM
  • PC Desktop or Laptop
  • Windows 10
  • Video Lesson 1
  • 200+ GB free space

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