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Innovation & curiosity
New technologies inspire us and we constantly strive to create new ones. There is always room for new experiments, not forgetting that it's part of a fun journey.
Passion & fun
We follow it. We live it. We approach it with all optimism we have.
People & honesty
People are at heart of everything we do. We believe that we are stronger when we work together, supporting each other. And there is always so much new to learn from each other.
In everything we do. We always hear our people or our partners equally.

About GeoTech.

GeoTech is a company that develops integration tools for new technologies and gaming platforms for Unreal Engine.

We see game engines as the tool of the future for creating any interactive digital experience and we believe that by providing integrations with new hardware technologies we will be able to merge both our physical and digital world into one.

Our goal is to help companies and developers create amazing experiences that push gaming and digital interaction to the next level.

About jobs.

  • Unreal Engine C++ Tools/UI Programmer [Remote]

    What you’ll do?

    Design and develop Unreal Engine editor tools for industry leaders like Epic Games and their partners. These tools will be used by the media industry around the world for both big and small projects involving virtual production, broadcasting, virtual events, and more.


    1. Designing and implementing C++ tools, plugins, modules and applications for UE4 Virtual Production. This includes integrating UE4 with both hardware and software.
    2. Designing and implementing C++ user interfaces for the Unreal Engine editor
    3. Bug fixing and maintaining plugin/application code base
    4. Analyzing and fixing common problems in plugins and modules such as memory usage, and performance

    What we’re looking for

    • 3+ years of UE4 experience
    • 4+ years of C/C++ experience
    • Experience solving complex programming challenges
    • Experience working with large codebases
    • Background in math, embedded systems, physics is a big plus
    • Experience with OS system tasks, such as graphics, rendering, tools, networking, etc.
    • Experience with DirectX 11/12 is a plus.
    • Ability to listen to feedback and collaborate with others
    • Must work well in a team environment
    • Passion for new technology and C++ developmen
    • Fluent in English
  • IOS App Developer

    What you’ll do

    We are looking for IOS app developer who is passionate about Unreal Engine, Movie production, IOS and app development. You will work on IOS development for Virtual Production and implement CPP API in the UE codebase with the latest UE CPP codebase and modern IOS app development frameworks. Unreal Engine becomes the standard for Virtual and Movie production and the app will be used for high end movie production and for world-class movie studios.


    1. Implement low-level APIs on UE CPP code base side. i.e memory allocation, file system, input system, algorithms
    2. IOS app core development
    3. IOS app UI and tools development
    4. Help us to embrace, support, extend and enhance our engine plugins for better interaction with mobile devices.
    5. Support movie production studios.

    What we’re looking for

    • Strong programming background and C++ knowledge
    • IOS app and tooling development
    • Experience with OS level systems on macOS, iOS/iPadOS/tvOS
    • Well-versed in software engineering principles, especially API design
    • Familiarity with an existing game engine with an understanding of engine and editor concepts
    • Familiarity with dev tools and profiling on modern systems, including Instruments, Xcode GPU frame capture and profiling
    • Experience with the nFlutter framework is a huge plus
    • Experience developing in a large codebase at a fast pace, making trade-offs between usability, performance, and power
    • Prior shipped projects with UE4 is a plus

Geotech benefits.

Remote position

Remote position with a Team of and extremely passionate UE developers on cutting edge technologies for Movie production

top Virtual Production

Working on projects with Epic Games, top Virtual Production and movie studios.


Medical, Dental coverage reimbursement


Each year get-together celebrations somewhere in the middle of the world.